• Benches

    Through our wide range of products,
    we help to create inviting spaces
    and stronger communities.

  • Shelters

    We believe every outdoor
    space is unique. To ensure that
    each space gets the solution it
    deserves, we offer the widest
    variety of products
    in the industry.

  • Pedestrian Bridges

    We want to help you
    get the most out of
    your outdoor space.

  • CXT Concrete Washrooms

    Pre-cast manufactured.
    Delivered to site.
    Turn-key installation.

  • Sports Field Equipment

    Whether your project is large
    or small, we help you make
    appropriate product
    choices that respect
    your budget without,
    compromising the aesthetics
    and value of your outdoor space.

  • Park-a-Bike

    Award Winning Design.
    Experience the Park-a-Bike difference.

Serving Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Canada's Northern Territories

ParkWorks Explained

ParkWorks Brings Outdoor Space to Life

For municipalities, developers, landscape architects, outdoor recreation facility designers and operators across Western Canada, ParkWorks is a leader in providing quality products that enhance outdoor spaces.

Through our wide range of products and understanding of how to work with industry professionals, we help to create inviting outdoor spaces and build stronger communities.

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